Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shake It Up!!!!

So, Maylie and her cute friends' Teja and Lindsey decided to make a "Shake It Up" music video to submit to Disney Channel! They picked out outfits and made up a dance! They had so much fun doing this and they were adorable!

How much fun can you cram into one week?

No, really!? How much fun can you cram into one week?!!!! We try our darndest week in and week out to top the last weeks fun (don't worry, we work a lot too, really!) We did a lot of traveling this summer to Boise, Twin Falls, Salmon, and back home...lots of fun memories together!
Brie loves to pick out my outfits, she wants to be a designer someday... wouldn't surprise me one bit to see her name on a tag someday! What a talented beauty! She follows me into my closet if she thinks I might be putting something on other than athletic clothes... (which is rare...) begging to pick out my outfit :)
Back down to the River for the Roaring Youth Jam and Duck Races. The girls love to go and do the arts and crafts there and eat yummy food!

Maylie's friend that lives by us is Teja and Ashlie brought her friend that lives by us, Kaidynce. What a blessing it is to have good friends and family close by! We can't wait for the Hones to move in down the street! The girls have been praying for them to get a house by us... it is like Heaven on Earth to have family around!!!
Just a few pics from the Infanger Family reunion in Salmon, wish I would have got more. But, we had a blast, we love spending time with Ryan's amazing family! I learn so much from them! I am grateful to call Salmon "home".
The boys had a great game of water basketball going on... it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... and someone did... can't remember who though, hmmm.
Now off to Twin Falls we go for another Jamba event! It is always so much fun to go see Brad and Shanna and Landon!!!! Except that they just moved today to Peoria, IL, sniff, sniff! Brad took a mechanical engineering job out there, which will be great for their family! We will miss having them close by and miss working with Brad at Jamba, he did an amazing job, but, they will have a wonderful adventure ahead of them for sure! Love you guys!!!!

Face painting...always a big hit with my kids! Piper got to come play with us! We love that girl!
Not sure who this is behind the boat, but, we love being at the lake! The girls take after their dad and are major water bugs. They recently have taken up knee-boarding! Maylie and Brianna are getting pretty good at, I will have to get some good pics of my water chicks the next time we go boating! Ashlie even tried!!!! What brave girls I have!!!!! However, I have taken a liking to wakeboarding and have really enjoyed going this summer... I even got an inch of air, Ryan was so proud :) Speaking of Ryan... he landed a back flip on the wake board this week... wowzers! Congrats honey!!!!
Ryan with EJ and Adrienne's son... Hunter!!! He came and stayed with us for a week while his mom went to Hawaii! He was such a good boy and we just loved having him around! We miss him a lot!!! Ryan loved having him here, it helped him feel closer to EJ (Ryan's cousin that passed away this last spring) If Hunter ever went missing, we knew right where to find him... on the 4-wheeler... what a studly kid!!!! Can't wait to see him and Adrienne and Gage next week in Salmon for my Half-Marathon!!!! Wish me Luck!!!!
Not sure if I have any pics from when Ryan and I went to the District tennis tournament in Boise this summer. But, let it be known that both of our teams made it this year and we went and had a lot of fun, and even won a couple matches :0) We love going to spend time with Brock and Lori!!!! Well, I think I got a whole summer's worth of blogging into one night! I was going to work on the Jamba books, but, you know how when you have something you have to do, you end up doing everything else instead?! Well, I'm glad that is how it turned out tonight! We really did have a truly wonderful summer and it is fun to think back on all of the memories! Life is good! Hope everyone had a great summer! I am enjoying having the kids back in school!!!!!!!! The kids just love their new teachers... and love seeing their friends again! I guess I will save that for the next blog though!!!!!
Love, Jules

4th of July!!!

I always loved being in the parade when I was little and my girls got to ride on The Taylors Crossing train during the parade!!! They were so excited and had so much fun with Kendel, Allie, Reese, and Katelyn! They were adorable! I love the 4th of July (even though we work our guts out...that's one thing I love about my Ry... he knows how to work hard and play hard :)

Oh Baby, I miss those sunglasses... yep, they flew out of the boat (okay... confession...Sophie was holding them, and I knew it...and clink... off the side of the boat they went... waaaaaaa!
We sell Smoothies out of our trailer down by the River every 4th of July! Busy, Busy!!!
The thing I love about being a vendor down at the River for the 4th is that we get to park really close :), so we went to the van and had the girls change into their PJ's. So cute! Do we like to party or what?!!!

I am so grateful to live in the United States! Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!
Love, Jules

Camping, Jamba, & Cupcakes!

I just had to put this picture in of Ryan that I found on our computer... isn't he so cute?!!!!!!!
I have this picture of Sophie as a screen(okay, I should say... had... because I just broke another iPhone...2 in 3 weeks, yikes... love you Ry...:) saver on my phone and every time Sophie looks at it, she starts giggling. Man that kid is cute!!!!!!!
Ashlie's new room is "Cupcake" Theme, so we HAD to make "pupcakes". We had so much fun baking together... love you Ashlie!!!!! Ashlie helped me clean the entire basement today and she was amazing!!!! When we were done she said that cleaning up toys was more fun than playing with them, what a sweet heart!!!!!
For our Call Family Reunion, we went camping with the Roper's, Call's, and Cornelison's up to Sawtelle Resort in Island Park! We had perfect weather and so much fun four- wheeling, crafting, swimming, and playing tennis!!!!!!
Chilling in the hammock with my girls! We have got to get some trees around here fast, so I can set it up outside!!!!!
The Cornelison and Jones cousins came and the girls just had so much fun together... crafting, dancing, singing, .... never a single dull moment and such great memories!!!!!! WE love cousins!!
WE always love to go to The Playmill in West Yellowstone. The show we saw this time was High School Musical... oh baby...!!!! If you really know our family, you know this is a staple at our house, we love musicals and pretty much everything on Disney Channel :)
We had a Grand Opening Celebration at our Twin Falls Jamba Juice! It was so fun and we had a great turn out! We had Rev Gym there helping people to be active and some massage therapists... it was a blast! We always love going to visit Twin Falls!

(What good buddies, and good helpers, I love my girlies!)

April & Bryndon's Wedding

So, I love all of my cousins to pieces, but I must say... April is one of my faves...(probably because I called her "Baby April" until she was 12 :) She and Bryndon were married this last June, and we got some fun pics... they had a 1950's feel and decor and it was so fun!!!!

Landon and Sophie... too cute!!!!!!
Natalie (one of my other faves :), me, and Shan
I wish I had a picture of their cool blue green 1950's car... so cute! Congrats Apes!
Sophie and Grandpa Charlie!!!!!

Fun Family Time!

The next few posts are going to be of random things, but, since I print off this book each year and use it as a journal/scrapbook... I am trying to include a few special times we've had together! Life is good, obviously, we had a very busy and blessed summer! We did not waste any time, we just worked hard, traveled a lot, and had fun, fun, fun!!!!!! However, now that we've had 3 days of school, I can see my laundry room floor again, I've been playing catch up on chores all summer... and don't regret a minute of that... check out the pics to see what we spent our time doing...
Fun times at the HHS cheer camp! Maylie and Brianna actually tried out for a competition dance team this summer called Infinity Dance Studio. They are amazing and we are excited to see what fun new things they learn this year with dance! We just went and visited the new studio tonight... it was awesome!!!!!!! I'm so proud of May and Brie for being brave and trying out for the team, they will do great, they are very creative and beautiful dancers!
Monday through Thursday... every week... this last June... we had a baseball game for either Maylie or Brianna! Wind, sun, rain, treats, friends, blankets, Jambas, snow cones, wind... good times... good times... way to go May and Brie! They had fun!
WiCkEd!!!! Oh yes! Ryan and I were lucky enough to go to Wicked in Boise with his Mom and Dad and Brock and Lori. We had seen it before in San Fransisco and loved it! We were so excited and loved it again (even though we were on the very back row...) it was still amazing!!!!! (and I love going on dates with my honey :_)