Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Heaven Sees in you

Ashlie, The Three Year Old!

All grown up! Ashlie just turned three!

Ashlie's Birthday theme was "Princess Party"! (Mainly Snow White, though!) This is the morning of the big day! I always decorate the table for when they wake up! It is so fun to see the surprise on their faces, it's a little like Christmas!!!

All of the kids played so hard, that they were red in the face!!! Here is Ashlie with her partners in crime, Ava and Reese!

(Slacker mom here, I froze part of Brianna's cake and brought it!) We had ice cream sandwiches and Snickers Ice Cream bars instead, that might become a tradition! (Easy!)

From Ashlie to....

Snow White! Isn't she beautiful!

Ashlie is such a sweetie! She prefers to be referred to as "Snow White!" She plays constantly with tiny dolls and her doll house. She will pretend for hours, it is adorable! She also likes to pretend to be a dog, she is just so fun! She is such a light in our house! We just love her to pieces! We went to Leo's Place for her party! All of the cousins and friends came along, it was really a special night! We love you Ashlie Jasmine! Thanks for all of the wonderful bear hugs and puppy kisses! Love, Mom!