Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Time!

A new running store opened on the corner of Sunnyside and Hitt. Jamba came and handed out samples. It was a fun day, man, that bananaman is sure a hotty!

Our ward had an Easter Egg Hunt, luckily our friend Summer came and helped keep track of my kids! Especially Sophie, they are buds!
We had a really fun time at the hunt and if you are wondering why my kids bags are so big it is not because I wanted them to get the most candy :) it is because I did not get down our Easter box this year because we are in the middle of finishing our basement, paint comes tomorrow, yeah!!!!!!
I just love this girl!
And this girl!
And this one too!

We had a wonderful Easter and are especially grateful for the Savior's atonement and resurrection this year as Ryan's dear cousin and "budguddy" E.J. passed away two weeks ago. It has been very sad and hard, but, we know that we will see E.J. again. Ryan spoke at his funeral and did a beautiful job. We are praying for his family everyday!

We have been enjoying the outside just a little bit, no thanks to the Idaho windfestival that goes on this time of year!!!! I actually did mow the lawn today, which I'm hoping will get it growing and greening up! I love to do yard work!!!!!! Next week, we will prep the flower beds and gardens and fertilize (I have the next 6 weeks all planned out) we will see how well I actually follow through!

Let me just add how grateful I am to be a Mom to these sweet girls! They are all my best friends, I feel so lucky to get to hang out with them all day! Maylie is doing so amazing in school, she is reading at a fifth grade level! She is such a great helper around the house, she always clears her dish and helps to clean the bathrooms, and is enjoying activity days! Brianna is learning how to read, she gets better everyday! She is full of life, and is super helpful with Sophie, they are buds! Brie is also very helpful around the house! Ashlie is a smarty, she loves preschool and she loves to go to Grandma Colleen's house! She is very good at obeying and is such a joy to be around. Sophie is almost seven months old, it is crazy! I just can't get enough of that kid, she is the most optimistic baby I've ever seen! Even when she got her shots she still tried to smile! The wind could be blowing in her face and rain pounding her and she is just a' grinnin' away! She lights up our day everyday! As for Ryan, we just love him to pieces! He is staying busy with both of our stores and he is doing a great job! We just launched Fruit and Veggie Smoothies that are amazing, you have to go try them!!!!!!! As for me, I am good, just playing some tennis, working on finishing the basement, and loving being THE MOM!!!!!

Love you all! Jules

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sophie is 6 months!

I'm not sure where time goes these days... usually something really fun and important :).
But, we are sad to say that Sophie Rose is 6 months old! Not too sad though, she has been such a great baby. We are all fighting over who gets to hold her all day! She is pretty good at communicating what she wants too, so there is no guessing games (nursing, nap, diaper change, get out of my face :) I love that little cutie! She lights up our day each and every day! The girls are all great helpers and each have a special way with Sophie. It is great to watch them all take turns being "Mom". She is a good sleeper and eater. She is still pretty petite compared to her boy cousins her age, but, she is super healthy and looks just right!
I finally got Sophie's room half done. My friend Tasha made the bedding and curtains, my friend Chy (check her vinyl blog, did the vinyl, and I made the wall sconces from scratch (sorry, had to give myself a tiny prop for completing a project, lol)

Sophie loves to play with her toes and sucks on them if she can!!!! It is so cute!

Sophie loved being inside her Daddy's jacket :)
Here is Ashlie showing off her latest Tinkerbell fashion!
We had a surprise party for Ryan's Mom's birthday in Salmon. She is such a cute 60 year old! I hope I'm as rockin' as she is at 60!!!!! Love you Mom!

We also had the ribbon cutting ceremony for our Twin Falls Jamba Juice! If you are ever in Twin or passing through, make sure to come visit our store! It is on the corner of Blue Lakes and Pole Line Road. It is a cute store and we have tons of new awesome products like Fruit 'n' Veggie Smoothies that are delish! Also, flat-bread pizzas, and tons of new yummy baked goods!

Hope all is well in the world this day! We enjoyed listening to conference! I love to hear the prophet speak! We are so blessed to have the gospel! I told Ryan today, the next place on my list to go (after New Zealand, and The Great Wall of China...) is Rome, Italy to see the new temple! How exciting to see the Lord's work unfold before our very eyes!!!!!

Love ya! Jules