Monday, April 5, 2010

The Last Three Months!

I already have 3 other blogs titled, "The Blog of all Blogs!" So, I thought I would give that a rest even though this kind of is ... The blog of all blogs! We have been busy with all sorts of fun and crazy stuff!!! Maylie's Birthday, Ryan's and mine's Jamba trip to Cali, Brian and Natalie coming, and Easter! I couldn't move on without blogging about them!

We stopped by Twin Falls to work on our new Jamba store which will be opening June 2010!!! The girls and I walked across the big bridge which is awesome and majestic! We had a lot of fun!
Maylie and Kendel played on a basketball team together this year! It was so fun (and aggravating for the men) to watch. They got better and better! After one game, Ryan asked Maylie if she could hear him yelling, "rebound?" She said, yeah, what does that mean? She did make a basket, it was so cute! She was also a great defender!
My Brother Brian and his wife Natalie and kids, Kennedy and Nathan came to visit us in Idaho all the way from Florida! We had not seen them for almost three years! Brian is a lawyer for the Air Force and he actually just got back from being deployed to Iraq... way to go Brian!!! and Natalie!!!! Now, they are heading off to Japan for a few years... cool, but we will miss them!!!! Luckily, Natalie is a really good blogger, so it will be easy to keep in touch! Love you guys! We had so much fun hanging out with you! I will post the good family pictures on the next blog. Brad and Shanna came too, but, I didn't manage to get any non swim-suit photos of them, oops! Love you guys too!

Kennedy and the girls were best buds right out of the gate!

Natalie and Nathan, he is too cool and studly for words (I couldn't say cute, because he is a boy, you know) And Nat, I just loved hanging out with you!

Ryan and I had a Jamba conference in Anaheim, so we went and partied! He and his friend Tyler even went surfing in February!
My favorite part of every trip is walking along the beach, so here is a picture of me in my bliss!
We went to California Adventure Land, it was right next to our hotel. We had a blast! Thanks for a fun trip Ry!!!! I love you!!!!

Hollywood baby!

Ryan is a die-hard Laker's fan, so we went to the Staples Center! It was really cool! We were thinking of going to a game, but one trip to downtown L.A. was enough!!!! We drove through all of the nice houses in Bel Air and stood in a line of a hundred people to get $1.50 homemade ice cream sandwiches. I guess that was all part of the experience! It was a blast!
Now we are finally to Maylie's 7th birthday party!!!!! She has grown up so quick! She is such a blessing in our home! Most of the time, she is more of the mom than me, thanks, bud! She is so good to take care of her sisters and always makes sure that everyone is having fun! She is doing very well in school, and her teacher says she is such a sweetheart! She is taking piano lessons, and is so diligent at practicing and is getting better and better at reading everyday. Now she is into chapter books (I think I will have her read the Babysitter's Club! My favorite books when I was her age!)