Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, baby number 4 is almost here and at our house, you can tell someone is nesting!!!! (That someone being me!) I'm taking full advantage of these instincts and getting as much stuff done as I can! The nursery is ready to go, the fridge and freezer are cleaned out, and the only thing left to do is get the car seat installed! We are getting pretty excited around here! We are pretty sure that we are going to name the baby Sophie Rose (I haven't got the vinyl lettering done or anything yet, so it still might change!) It's funny because the girls and I have been referring to the baby as Sophie for about 4 months now and Ryan wasn't so sure. Now that he has warmed up to the name and started calling the baby Sophie, I'm getting nervous! (Probably because we called Ashlie "Olivia" until 2 days before she was born, then switched!)

I've had to have a few ultrasounds because the baby was measuring big, small, big, and come to find out, for a while there she was cross-wise (good thing I have c-sections). But, now she has flipped to head down, so everything is looking more normal. It was fun to see how healthy she was, you could even see her hair on the ultrasound! She was so cute!

Just thought that I would post some of our final pictures of summer! Fall is here! Luckily, we have had beautiful weather the last 2 weeks!

Our family went with the Hones to Palisades Reservoir. It was beautiful and the kids had a blast, we even stopped to get square ice cream on our way home (one of my favorite memories as a kid!)

The Eastern Idaho State Fair! Luckily, there are no pictures of me scarfing my baked potato or my Brown Cow milkshake (my 2 favorite things!) The kids had a great time riding a few rides and checking out the animals. Luckily, we didn't end up bringing home a new chocolate cockerspaniel, that the kids named "Cocoa". I don't know if I could handle a new dog and a baby!

The girls have also started a new year of dance at Infinity Dance Studio, which has been so great so far! I can see the studio from my house, so it is easy to cart kids back and forth! They are loving it! Ashlie does ballet, jazz. Maylie and Brianna are doing a Jazz, ballet class and a hiphop/ tap class. They all have had so much fun!

Last week, Ryan had Jamba meetings in California, so he took a few extra days to hit the waves with one of his old missionary companions, Tyler. They had a blast and Ryan is getting better and better at surfing. He's my little surfer dude! I was supposed to go with him, but, I wasn't so sure how I would feel traveling at 36-37 weeks! So, I stayed home and got the nursery ready instead! We all missed Ryan a lot!
Oh baby, check out that gnarly wave!!!!!

Well, I guess that is about all for now! I've been up since 5 am this morning because I couldn't sleep (mother natures way of getting you ready to be up all night with a little one, I guess). I got my Jamba Books entered for the day and blogged and ate a banana, so, I suppose I will have a great day until I crash! I have to wake the girls up for school in 10 minutes (They start school at 8!) Then, we are going to Twin Falls for the weekend, Ryan is going to help at the store and the girls and I get to hang out with Shanna and her cute little Landon (he is getting blessed on Sunday). Hopefully, I don't have a baby in Twin Falls, but, I guess it's okay if I do! Have a great week! I'm hoping to be able to post as soon as I have the baby, so keep checking in! I'm scheduled for a c-section next Thursday!!!!!!!! Love, Jules