Saturday, December 3, 2011

Halloween Fun

Sophie, the "Butterfly Fairy"
Brianna, the "Spanish Dancer"
Me, the "pirate"
Maylie, "Minnie Mouse"
This is our family down at Snake River Landing for the Annual Trick or Treat Street. We decorate a trailer every year and hand out candy and coupons to trick-or -treaters that are willing to stand in line for 3 hours for crappy candy :)... it's always fun though.
Ashlie with Mya and Lydia, She was a "Cupcake Princess"
We always have a really busy Halloween with plenty of opportunities to wear our costumes out :). The girls love picking out their costumes and are already speculating about next years choice. The actual Halloween night was wicked cold, so I guess it was a good thing they got lots of trunk-or- treating in before that night... heaven forbid we don't get enough candy to last us until next Halloween... (believe it or not, we actually just got rid of the last pieces of candy from last year)

Hope everyone is well. I have a Thanksgiving post yet to come, and then onto Christmas fun, then we are printing this blog into a book(easiest way to journal and scrapbook that I know of...)

Love, Jules

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cali trip 2011, Arfmann Style!

We surprised the girls and flew! They were so excited!

Lori and Me, the beach babes :)

Sophie loved the water!
Maylie hardly even got out of the ocean, she loved it out there!
Love my surfer dude!! Ryan absolutely loves the ocean!
The kids loved playing in the sand!
I love this picture... the little surfer dude in the front is trying to brush off Bo, Maylie, and Brianna who are trying to sell him sea shells. Too cute!
Typical Disneyland day!
Love My girls!
Treasures from Disneyland!
We had such a fantastic time in California this year! Ryan's whole family came except for Jayson and Hollie couldn't make it... sniff sniff :(. We missed them! But, somehow we managed to have a little fun :)! We stayed at the Dolphin's Cove in Anaheim and went to Disneyland and California Adventureland and the Beach a couple of days too! Everything could not have been better except that we lost Brianna... twice! We were truly blessed to find her both times. The first time was late at night at California Adventureland, and Uncle Brock found her after he said a prayer, he was prompted to go a certain way to find her, and I was so thankful that he listened to the spirit! The next night, we actually left, yes, left her at a Panda Express. I thought she was sleeping in the back seat of the van until we got a phone call from a girl named Abby... whoops, no way! I'm so thankful for Heavenly Father watching over our Brianna in both of these times, she was so brave. Aside from that, yes, it was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing and we made such wonderful memories with our family there! I must also note that we bribed the girls to get their homework done before we left and they worked like crazy to get it done, and they did, I was so proud of them for working so hard!

Well, life is good! Thanks to all of our family for making this trip so special! Love, Jules

Sophie Rose is one!

When we were in Salmon for the wedding, we celebrated Sophie's first Birthday! Aunt Hollie made her the cutest cake ever (white and black damask with pink frosting, thanks a million Hollie!) She got lots of cute baby doll stuff and a baby stroller (since most of our other baby stuff is destroyed for some reason... Sophie truly is the light of our life! She has such an amazing power and spirit about her. We just love her to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!


The birthday girl!

Love you Ry, you little schmoozer!
Annie and Papa with the grandkids (hard to believe they are 60!)They look so amazing!

Chace and Sadie got married on September 30th, 2011! Yay!!!! This also happened to be Sophie's first birthday! It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Salmon! It was so fun to be together with the whole family! Sadie asked me to sing "I See The Light," from Tangled... so I had Ryan sing it with me, I was so proud of him, he did amazing! They lit off big lanterns into the sky while we sang, it was really cool!

Family Pics!

I had been feeling pretty guilty about not having a family picture (or any nice pictures) with our little Sophie in them! So, I had our neighbor Nicole do a photo shoot for us and the pictures turned out beautifully! (Despite the fact that I felt like I was herding cats... the girls were all over the place!) We had a fun time down at the Falls and the girls can't wait to go back to explore some more!

While I am waiting for my pictures to upload, I guess I can write a few nice things about each of the girlies :). Lets start with Maylie: She is growing so tall and strong, she is taller than most kids her age (shocker coming from a mom who was the shortest until she was 15!) She is super creative and likes to read. She is also on the Infinity Dance Team this year and is getting a lot of really great training, she is a beautiful dancer! She also just played on a Volleyball team and absolutely loved it, she scored 15 points in a row once with her serve... way to go May... I have no doubt that we will be spending lots of times on the bleachers watching Maylie rock at different sports! She is such a sweet sister and helper and friend to me! Love you May!

Next, Brianna: Brianna is also growing strong and tall! She is such a great helper to me and loves to take care of Sophie and I can always count on her to pick out my outfit if "I am actually going to wear a real outfit"(not sporty:). She is reading and is a great helper to her teacher. She is also on an Infinity Dance Team, I love watching her come home and work on her dance everyday! No worries Dad, she likes to play sports too. She can't wait to be on a volleyball team and gets to play basketball this winter. Brianna also has a beautiful voice and Maylie is constantly asking her to "please be quiet." because she sings all the time (sound familiar Shanna?:) Love my Briez!

Onto Ashlie: Ashlie is just a little peanut. She is perfectly petite! She is such a good obedient child and she is such a great helper for me! She always helps me make the beds and tidy up the house! She likes Activa Vanilla Yogurt, lunch meat, apples, and chocolate milk, her bunny Tessa, her Laker Jammies, the kind of Jamba Juice "that Papa likes," play dough, making bead necklaces, and playing with her friends and cousins. She is taking a ballet/jazz class and she is a good dancer! I will miss her when she goes to kindergarten next year! She is such a fun kid! Love you Ashie! (and yes, I left out the l on purpose:)

Lastly, but not least, Sophie: The sun rises and sets with this little girl! I guess I can't call her a baby anymore, since she is over 13 months! She seriously melts every heart in this house and usually everyone she meets! She has been walking off and on since a year and is pretty consistant with it now. She has 4 teeth and yes, we finally chopped off her beautiful mullet with my kitchen shears when it got into a dred knot :) :( sad day at the Arfmann house!) She says "Mom, Dad, hi, kind of each sisters name, squeezes her hands went she wants something, and shakes her head for yes and no, and says eeeeeeeeeeee! She pretty much gets whatever she wants around here! She loooooooves Jamba Juice, and luckily we've got a pretty good hook up there ;). Despite the fact that she is a good eater and is very healthy, she is only 16 lbs. Looks like she is taking after Ashlie! She sleeps thru the night most nights and if she happens to wake up, she goes back to bed easily after she gets a little "momma's milk" :). I don't even mind getting up with her because she has such a sweet spirit! I just love every minute with Sophie!

Ryan: Ryan has been busy with both of our stores getting new managers at the same time! I don't know how he does it all and still manages to spend time with our family. But, he somehow does a great job at both! I feel so blessed to have him for a husband and daddy to our kids! He really is amazing with not only our own kids, but all children seem to love Ryan! It's no wonder they won't let him out of primary... he gets to teach Maylie's class this year, the kids just love him! He had a fun summer of boating and actually landed a few back flips! We also enjoyed playing tennis this summer! I love you Ry!

As for me: I have been enjoying being a mom. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids! I enjoy spending my time cleaning, cooking, running, playing tennis, playing volleyball, being taxi driver, and reading. I take care of the majority of our Jamba books and I actually really enjoy doing it, except for when I make a mistake... not fun:( I also love doing the yard work and decorating our home! I get to be a primary chorister for our ward, it has been so much fun! Our program was last week and it was truly humbling to see all of the kids bearing testimony thru song. The coolest thing happened a few weeks ago in Sacrament meeting; one of our program songs was "Praise To The Man," and the congregation was singing it, every primary child was singing it as well, it was truly shocking to the parents, they weren't expecting that. There was such an amazing spirit in our meeting that day!

Well, I guess we can just pass this off for our Christmas letter... haha! Love to all! Jules

Back To School!

I love "Back To School!" It is always nice to get back on a good routine! We had a fun time clothes shopping at Arfmann's Four Seasons in Salmon with the girls. Yikes, I don't know what Ryan is going to do when all of our girls are in school....! Maylie and Brianna both got great teachers and they have really enjoyed the classes so far! Ashlie is also really enjoying preschool! They are all good students and shine in their own way!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shake It Up!!!!

So, Maylie and her cute friends' Teja and Lindsey decided to make a "Shake It Up" music video to submit to Disney Channel! They picked out outfits and made up a dance! They had so much fun doing this and they were adorable!

How much fun can you cram into one week?

No, really!? How much fun can you cram into one week?!!!! We try our darndest week in and week out to top the last weeks fun (don't worry, we work a lot too, really!) We did a lot of traveling this summer to Boise, Twin Falls, Salmon, and back home...lots of fun memories together!
Brie loves to pick out my outfits, she wants to be a designer someday... wouldn't surprise me one bit to see her name on a tag someday! What a talented beauty! She follows me into my closet if she thinks I might be putting something on other than athletic clothes... (which is rare...) begging to pick out my outfit :)
Back down to the River for the Roaring Youth Jam and Duck Races. The girls love to go and do the arts and crafts there and eat yummy food!

Maylie's friend that lives by us is Teja and Ashlie brought her friend that lives by us, Kaidynce. What a blessing it is to have good friends and family close by! We can't wait for the Hones to move in down the street! The girls have been praying for them to get a house by us... it is like Heaven on Earth to have family around!!!
Just a few pics from the Infanger Family reunion in Salmon, wish I would have got more. But, we had a blast, we love spending time with Ryan's amazing family! I learn so much from them! I am grateful to call Salmon "home".
The boys had a great game of water basketball going on... it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... and someone did... can't remember who though, hmmm.
Now off to Twin Falls we go for another Jamba event! It is always so much fun to go see Brad and Shanna and Landon!!!! Except that they just moved today to Peoria, IL, sniff, sniff! Brad took a mechanical engineering job out there, which will be great for their family! We will miss having them close by and miss working with Brad at Jamba, he did an amazing job, but, they will have a wonderful adventure ahead of them for sure! Love you guys!!!!

Face painting...always a big hit with my kids! Piper got to come play with us! We love that girl!
Not sure who this is behind the boat, but, we love being at the lake! The girls take after their dad and are major water bugs. They recently have taken up knee-boarding! Maylie and Brianna are getting pretty good at, I will have to get some good pics of my water chicks the next time we go boating! Ashlie even tried!!!! What brave girls I have!!!!! However, I have taken a liking to wakeboarding and have really enjoyed going this summer... I even got an inch of air, Ryan was so proud :) Speaking of Ryan... he landed a back flip on the wake board this week... wowzers! Congrats honey!!!!
Ryan with EJ and Adrienne's son... Hunter!!! He came and stayed with us for a week while his mom went to Hawaii! He was such a good boy and we just loved having him around! We miss him a lot!!! Ryan loved having him here, it helped him feel closer to EJ (Ryan's cousin that passed away this last spring) If Hunter ever went missing, we knew right where to find him... on the 4-wheeler... what a studly kid!!!! Can't wait to see him and Adrienne and Gage next week in Salmon for my Half-Marathon!!!! Wish me Luck!!!!
Not sure if I have any pics from when Ryan and I went to the District tennis tournament in Boise this summer. But, let it be known that both of our teams made it this year and we went and had a lot of fun, and even won a couple matches :0) We love going to spend time with Brock and Lori!!!! Well, I think I got a whole summer's worth of blogging into one night! I was going to work on the Jamba books, but, you know how when you have something you have to do, you end up doing everything else instead?! Well, I'm glad that is how it turned out tonight! We really did have a truly wonderful summer and it is fun to think back on all of the memories! Life is good! Hope everyone had a great summer! I am enjoying having the kids back in school!!!!!!!! The kids just love their new teachers... and love seeing their friends again! I guess I will save that for the next blog though!!!!!
Love, Jules