Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maylie's Baptism!

Maylie was baptized and confirmed a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on March 5th, 2011 at the Ucon Stake Center! We were so lucky to be able to have her get baptized with her cousin Savanna! It was such a special day! I am so proud of Maylie for deciding to get baptized! When she walked up the stairs out of the font, her smile was so big and she was glowing! I knew that she knew she had made the right choice! Savanna's Grandpa Don Price spoke about baptism, Grandpa Charlie spoke about the Holy Ghost, and Papa Loren spoke about when he was converted, they did a beautiful job! Then, Maylie and Savanna sang the cutest song, "My Own Little Lamp." It was like straight off of a children's CD, they sang so sweet! Then we had a little luncheon at Hollie and Jays. Thanks to everyone for coming, you made this such a special day for Maylie! We love you all! Hope you are doing good!

Love, Jules

What we've been up to!

We manage to keep ourselves going a million miles a minute, but, our new family goal (mainly mine) is to slow down and stay home as much as possible! However, we have been having a lot of fun this year! Here are just a few things we've been up to!
Brianna's front tooth got knocked out! What a cute smile!
Maylie had a blast playing basketball this year!
She is a good little hustler on the court!
Brian randomly got to come back to the U.S. for a couple of days for training! We had so much fun hanging out with him! Sure love you Bri!
I have also joined a new company called HAVVN (like Haven)! It is just my own little business that I am doing a little bit because their products are chemical free and totally saved my skin! I will have to blog all about it later! But, here is my good friend Christie Hepworth who got me involved with Havvn (who has also been my cohort in crime for many other crazy things like the midnight Twilight DVD releases at Walmart, or when we set up a fun run for our friend who had leukemia, and we're not even going to go into any details about how I got the nick name "Skidz!")!

Well, have a good day everyone!

Love, Jules

Birthday Blowout 2011!

When I was in college, I took a family history course. I love history!!! Anyway, looking throughout our genealogy, most families have a baby every 2 years, it is part of the natural cycle of life. Well, we are no different than our forefathers in this case... our first 3 kids were all born 2 years apart! Thus, the BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT! We are severely caked out by the end, but, it is great! The girls have so much fun planning what they want for their party theme and so forth. It's a tradition for me to decorate the dining room table the night before their birthday, and a new tradition we started this year was breakfast in bed!!!!! My girls take full advantage of their special day!!! Here are just a few pics from the birthday fun! I also like to include a few highlights about what each kid is up to and what makes them special!!!!

Maylie...8...Maylie is such a sweetheart. She is one of the tallest kids in her class! She has long blond hair and pure blue eyes that sparkle! She is in the 2nd grade. At the beginning of the year, I was having a hard time getting her to read, so she started going to the library after school everyday! She soon fell in love with reading. One day I went to pick her up and she wouldn't even look up from her book, she said,"I just love this!" She is now reading at a 5th grade level!!! I'm so proud of her! She also does ballet jazz class and a hip hop/ tap class with Brianna! She just finished up her basketball season, she absolutely LoVEs basketball! She made 16 points one game and she is a super good defender (they always have her guard the toughest boys... way to go May!) She is very helpful around the house and her friends call her May May! We love you May!

Brianna...6...Brianna is my little Sophie helper. Brie wakes up in the morning and her day pretty much revolves around Sophie! She is a great big sister! She has my eye color, blue-green and long blond hair and a killer smile! She recently lost her two bottom teeth and thanks to Maylie (she knocked it out :) Brianna just lost her top front tooth. She looks so cute with a big hole in her teeth! She is learning how to read and loves going to school. She also does ballet jazz and hip hop/tap. She is a good little dancer! Brianna loves to exercise and be healthy! My favorite quote from Brianna; I said to Ryan, wow, Ry, you look HOT! (as in cute), Brianna says, "Ya Dad, you do look sweaty!" It was so cute! Love you Briez!

Ashlie...4...Ashlie is so fun and cute! She is a little teaser! She has a super petite little body. Her eyes are the same color as mine and Briez and has medium blond hair! She is taking a ballet class. She loves it and does very good! Ashlie also goes to preschool with Miss Candace and Grandma Colleen! She loves going to school and playing with her friends! All little kids love playing with Ashlie, she is so nice to everyone! She also plays very well by herself (since she is home all day with no big sisters around :) She always plays with her dolls and makes up stories, it is so cute to listen to her! When we read scriptures, Ashlie likes to say, "and it came to pass" it is such a fun way to keep her involved with the reading. She says it so cute, and she gets mad if we say it on accident (she is a smarty, and pays attention!) Man, we just love this cute "little rascal"! (that's what Papa calls her:)

Sophie...5 months... Well, Sophie is our only kid that doesn't have a birthday this time of year, but, I figured I should write about her too! Wow, she is such a fun baby! Ryan and I are always fighting over who gets to hold her. Don't get me started with the kids, they go crazy over her! Sophie has a very sweet temperament. She still has chocolate colored hair, her head is getting bigger though, so the top is thinning and she has rubbed off a little in the back and it is about 4 inches long around the bottom! So, I suppose, in essence, we have a genuine mullet! But, it looks so cute on her! She has sparkly blue eyes! She loves blowing bubbles, making cooing noises and smiling! She can grab toys and her toes. She will smile at anyone that looks at her! She eats and sleeps well, luckily!!! As I am typing this, she is sitting in a swing by me and it is hard not to look at her, she smiles and laughs and talks at me! Soooooo cute!!!!!!! She is big for one of my kids, but, compared to her boy cousins that are her same age, she looks super petite! What a cutie, we feel so blessed to have her in our home! We Love you Sophie Baby!!!!