Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Think That Summer is Here!

We are really optimistic about summer this year! We are acting like it is nice even when it is not! Ryan and the cousins went boating at William's Lake in Salmon over Memorial Day! Between rain storms they got a few loops in on the lake! It was actually really fun!
I thought this picture was so cute of the girls going for a walk with their cousins!

Ryan is amazing at wakeboarding, so now he must conquer surfing! He is a pretty cute surfer dude, I must say!

The boat had a heater, so that was awesome!!!! The girls always manage to have fun no matter what!
The Hone and the Arfy chicks!
We do love summer time, but, then again, I really like all of the seasons! Hopefully we will get a little more sun up here in Idaho soon (and less wind)! We are making the most of it, either way! Well, I think that is all for now! Everything is going great with us! Ryan is cheering on his Laker's at the moment, the girls love cheering with him! They are die-hards just like their Dad! The pregnancy is going great! I feel really good for the most part and we are gearing up for another girl! I'm glad that I still have 4 months to get ready, though! Have a great day! Jules

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Think That Summer is Here!

We had a fun baby shower for Shanna, Brad, and their baby boy coming in August! Shanna was adorable! She got a ton of cute stuff! Babies are so fun!!!! Here is a picture of Shanna with some of her cute friends!

Ryan and Brad are now partners in crime! Brad is going to be the General Manager for our Twin Falls Jamba Juice opening in Mid July! He is doing a great job! It will be so fun to go to Twin Falls to visit Shanna, Brad, and Baby!!!

Unfortunately, you can't see my belly very good, but, it is getting pretty big! It is fun being pregnant with Shanna, we are so lucky! Isn't Shanna such a cute pregnant girl!!! Love you Shan!

The Blissful End of a Wonderful School Year!

I love the changing of the seasons! What can I say... I just love change! This spring we had all sorts of fun things going on between preschool, dance, piano, and weddings! I've just posted a few fun pictures of each event.

The girls love having Grandpa Charlie babysit... now I know why... !

Maylie took piano lessons from Tappia. I was surprised by how well she caught on and how motivated she was by prizes :)! She was adorable at the recital.
She played "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast! She did so good!

The girls loved taking dance this year from Miss Nancy! Their costumes were adorable and they did so good in their dance recital! Grandma Colleen gave them roses which totally made their day. It was also Ryan's birthday, so we had a fun time hanging out with everyone that came to watch afterwards! Oh, and btw... I love you Ry, Happy Birthday! Oh, and Happy Anniversary... now onto the next thing...! 9 years:)!
What cuties! Love you girls!

My Mom made these adorable dresses for the girls for my cousin Diana's wedding. It was such a fun day! The girls got to clear the tables, that is something that I just loved to do when I was little! Thanks Mom!
Now, onto preschool graduation!!! Brianna had so much fun in Miss Joy's preschool this year! She learned and grew so much! Here she is with her good buddy, Oakleigh!( I love how far Brianna has to bend over, Oaks is so tiny!)
I had always thought Brianna was shorter, but, when she lined up with her class, she was like the tallest one... what is up?? When did that happen!? I was always one of the shortest until Freshman year!!!
Another cute picture with all of the cousins from the wedding! Cute little blondies!!! If you can believe it... their really are no boys in any of these families. So, I suppose I should not be surprised that I am having another cute girl!
Well, that about sums up the end of the year festivities! We had so much fun!!!! Now, we are looking forward to summer! Love, Jules