Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sophie's First Month!

Time goes by so quickly sometimes! I can't believe that we've had little Sophie around for a whole month~ sometimes it feels like she's always been here too, it's kinda weird! She is so precious and so fun! The girls, of course, can't get enough of her! If I need something done, I tell them they can hold Sophie after they do it... works like a charm. Sophie is also our new alarm clock for Maylie and Brianna in the morning. I just bring her into their room and they pop right out of bed to give her hugs, it is so cute! We sure love our little Sophie Rose, she is a good baby and has all of us wrapped around her finger! I wish that I could say that I just stayed home all month with the baby, but, that is not the case with four kids! Life has carried on as normal (a little crazy, but good). Luckily, Ryan is a great help with the kids, thanks Ry! Here are some pictures of Sophie and everything else we've been up to lately!

Ryan and I went to a murder mystery party, it was so fun. Ryan was a wealthy banker and I was an antiques dealer. (I love wearing wigs!)
Shanna and Brad and Landon came to visit us! Landon is exactly 2 months older than Sophie. He is so cute! I mean handsome!
Ryan is good at cozying up with the girls and relaxing!
We decorated a trailer down at Snake River Landing for Trick or Treat Street! It was really fun for the kids to help their Dad hand out candy and Jamba coupons!

Our friend Launie was Belle, it was like going to Disneyland when they got their picture with her.

Well, I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! My family was out trick or treating while I made this post, handed out candy, and nursed Sophie. Good times... good times... life is grand!!!!!!! Love, Jules

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sophie Rose!

We'd like to welcome the newest member of the Arfmann clan: Sophie Rose!!!!!!
She was born last Thursday at Madison Memorial. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet and healthy baby in our home! She weighed 6 lbs, 11 oz, and was 18 inches long. She also has a good healthy chunk of black hair!!!! I am going to give her her first bath tomorrow and I can't wait to see how puffy and fluffy her hair will be! She has big eyes and when she is awake she is very alert. She is a good nurser, and seems to like her sisters hugging and kissing her 24/7!
My c-section went well, I will spare you the video footage, but, it was pretty cool to re-watch the video that Ryan took when they pulled her out! My cousin Rachelle was the Surgeon Assistant for my surgery and it was really fun to have her there.

Maylie is such a great sister and helper!
Brianna is the Sophie monitor! She is very helpful too!
Ashlie wasn't sure about Sophie at first, but now, they are best buds!
I guess that I better go check on little Sophie Rose (we chose Rose because I have a great Aunt named Norma Rose and Ryan's Great Grandmother's name was Eliza Rose... so we have heritage and cuteness!)
My mom took the girls to watch at her house while we were in the hospital, which was a huge help and Ryan's Mom came and made our house all cozy and clean and cooked meals for us! We feel so blessed to have such great families! Luckily, Ryan was able to stay at the hospital with me and is such a great and helpful Daddy for me and the girls! I love you Ry!
I hope everyone has a great week! Love, Jules