Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The 5 Year Old has arrived!

Our sweet Brianna had a birthday the other day! Sadly, it seems like she's been five for a long time already! She is such a joy in our home! She is always quick to help and offer advice! She loves discussing baby names with me (not announcing)! She is a beautiful dancer and she loves to run! She also loves helping her little sister Ashlie! They are the cutest buddies, singing and dancing around the house all day! Happy Birthday Brianna! We love you!!!!

The morning of Brianna's birthday Luau!
Sisters are the best!!!!!
Freeze Dance... always a big hit!
Maylie is doing the Limbo, you go girl!

The centerpiece!(to make up for my lack of cake decorating skills:)

Kendel, Allie, and Reese got to stay for the after party! They had fun trying out Pretty Pretty Princess! Being a girl is so much fun!!!!!
What else can I say, we just love our little Brianna! She warms my heart by the minute! Love, Jules

Playing Catch-up!

The title of this blog is "Playing Catch-up!" That is just what we've been doing everyday! But, life is good!!! The pictures in this blog are also to help "catch you up" to speed on the last four months with the Arfmann's since my blog went up in flames in November...(moment of silence, please...) For the sake of journaling and the annual printing of the blog, I have included a few pictures from the blogs that were "deleted." So, not much to say, except that we are very blessed and amazed by our three little cute girls everyday! They are Ryan's and mine's best little buddy's ever! It is so fun to get to hang out with my best friends everyday!!!!!!

Maylie is playing on a basketball team with her friends and cousin, Kendel! It is so fun to watch her get better every week. She is one heck of a defender! Her coach puts her on the toughest boy and Maylie makes sure that he never EVER gets the ball! It is so cute! Go Maylie!!!

We spent an awesome day skiing with the Hones at Targhee! It was such a special and fun day!

We went to Salmon over New Year's! It was so fun to be all together! Lots of sledding, four-wheeling, and skiing at lost trail! So much fun!

First day skiing at Lost Trail! The girls did great and we had a lot of fun with our cousins. The only compaint at the end of the day was from Maylie, "I just don't like standing all day!" You never get to sit down when you do the bunny hill all day!

Shanna and Brad surprised us all on Christmas Day with the best news ever.... Roper Baby #1!!!!! We are so excited for them! Shanna's been nauseous and tired, but she's doing great... right Shan? 13 weeks.... yeah!!!!! My Auntly instincts are telling me that she's having a girl... we'll see!!!!

Christmas Day was wonderful! Grandma and Grandpa Call came over and opened presents with us! The girls had a lot of fun! It was a special and magical day!

Ryan and I went to a Jamba meeting in San Fransisco! We had so much fun! We went to a beach that reminded me of Twilight! It was fun to frollick...and freeze with my honey!!!!

We went to the musical, Wicked! It was awesome! Ryan and I can't wait to go again! Our friends, Kevin and Jessica were always talking about it and now we know why!!!! So cool! I really want my Mom and Dad to go see it, they would love it! (oooh, I just got a really good idea for the next family reunion:)!

Around Thanksgiving, we always do a tree-hunt in Salmon. It is such a fun tradition! Our tree actually turned out really cute, even though originally we thought is was the worst tree ever!
Oh yes, The Prison Break Half-Marathon #2! It was so fun! I beat my time by 7 minutes! 2:03:56! I loved training for it and the race flew by and I could walk the next day! Yeah!

Halloween was fun!

That is it for now! Next up, is the birthday circus! (3 birthdays... 3 weeks) Cake, CAKE, cAkE! We love planning out themes and have a lot of fun! I look forward to being a regular blogger again! Whew! That feels good to " Catch-UP!" Love, Jules