Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This post is all about Brianna! She just turned 7!!! And what a darling little mini-me she is turning out to be... With her own special flare, of course! I will lay out some details about Brie now to help us remember her at this precious moment:)!!! She is in first grade and loves her teacher Mrs. Brinton! She has caught the reading bug and has taken off with reading this year!! Her handwriting is bubbly and adorable just like her! She loves to play with Sophie and is really good friend to Maylie and Ashlie and to me!! She is always great to rub your feet when you've had a long day! She also loves to sing ( and is awesome)everywhere she goes and got a cute black guitar with a pink case for her birthday! She has been on a dance team this year and has grown tremendously and has really enjoyed dancing! She is amazing! She says she wants to be a fashion designer, choreographer, and a mom someday!!! I love you Brie!!!! Even though it is hard, I love to see you grow!!!

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